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We don't offer "Free to Good Home" We ask for a Donation to go some way towards the costs of Your Adopted Dog and his/her Friends. Are You Willing to make a donation of £200 to Help Our other long term Dogs*
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A couple of things to consider:-

Do you have a pond in your garden?

Why? We once re-homed a healthy dog only to be contacted by the new owners a few days later to say that the dog was sick!

Turned out that the owners had a pond (stagnant) on the property that the dog was drinking from.

It will be nescessary to 'dog proof' your home & garden until your new arrival works out where s/he can and can't go & do !

Please don't make the mistake of thinking that your current/last dog was OK with all your arrangements and facilities.....All Dogs are Different !

A determined German Shepherd CAN clear a six foot wall.....! just search YouTube if you doubt it! eg:

Also, Do you have transport to come and view a dog as we do not deliver dogs or meet at railway stations / motorway service stations. Please ensure  to bring All humans and other family dogs  with you when and if you come to meet one of our  dogs after a successful home check is carried out.

Finally, If you do change you mind about about taking a dog from us or have found a dog elsewhere please let us know.