Bella has been in Rescue since October 2013 


Bella is a 5yo Sable Bitch, rescued by the Local Authorities for Cruelty, She has had a life full of uncertainty and anxiety !
She was often left alone for hours, tied to park benches by Her alcoholic owner, who often forgot where she had left Her!

Bella never had a routine in Her life and was never sure where Her next meal would come from.

She is Not good with other dog's, especially other GSD's, and would need to be the Only dog.


We re-homed Her at the beginning of the summer (2013) to a lovely Family who adored Her, and she Them.

Sadly, Bella became over protective of Her new family towards strangers, especially the Children, and had to be returned to Rescue.
The Family where heartbroken.

She would suit a couple, or a single man, with No Children, and who is GSD Experienced !
She is very affectionate, and seems better with strange men rather than strange women (previous alcoholic female owner?).

She is fully vaccinated, and Her worming is upto date.

We really hope that Somebody out there can offer this pretty Girl the Forever Home She deserves.


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