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There is a home out there for every dog

Congratulations on taking the First Step to finding your New Best Friend !! The Next Step is to fill out our Questionaire to find the best dog & people match, and to carry out a Homecheck. to take the All Important Next Step, Thank YOU!


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German Shepherd Dog Rescue Surrey is a non-profit volunteer organisation dedicated to finding the right home for each dog in its care. We take in unwanted German Shepherd dogs and provide shelter and care for them until we can find them a secure and loving home. We promote responsible dog ownership and provide an after care advice, support and guidance service for the new pet owner.  All our dogs are kept in a home environment and not in a kennel, this gives us a better chance of seeing the real character of the dogs and to make a more informed assessment.

We need dedicated and caring owners to adopt our dogs.

Dogs available for adoption


 ***Special Appeal***

!!URGENT RETIREMENT HOME for 14 year old GSD bitch !!


We also need volunteers to foster our Dogs while they wait for their forever homes, and also volunteers are needed to assist with the dogs on a daily basis to help walk and socialise here at German Shepherd Rescue, Surrey and also at Vigil in Guildford. If you live within 30 miles (or so) of Guildford or Chertsey and would like to become a GSD Fosterer please phone us for details. It should be noted that many a fosterer has had the title of F.F added to their name.....Failed Fosterer.....meaning that some dogs you just can't say 'Goodbye' too.

If you feel that you are not in a position to help by fostering, there are many other ways to assist.

Volunteers who are able to walk and socialise the dogs are an invaluable asset. A great way to maybe meet for the first time this fabulous breed that we all love so much .

     The Bionic GSD

A German Shepherd called Mitzi has become the first dog in the world to be fitted with a pioneering prosthetic ankle.
The three-year-old had her rear right foot amputated after she was trampled by a horse.
But the lively dog is back to enjoying walks with her owner after being fitted with an artificial foot and ankle by pioneering vet Dr Noel Fitzpatrick.

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The life-threatening lungworm A. vasorum is carried by slugs and snails.

If your dog comes into contact with these common garden pests thereis a risk it could become infected.
Dogs of all ages and breeds can become infected with lungworm. However, younger dogs seem to be more prone to picking up the parasite. Dogs known to eat slugs and snails should also be considered high risk.Read More

     The Irish Rescues

The majority of Irish GSDs are rescued by our welfare colleagues in Ireland from dog pounds. In these pounds, stray dogs have a 5 day stay & are then at serious risk of destruction if not reclaimed by their owner, or rehomed . Our rescue colleagues in Ireland work tirelessly to find urgent rescue/kennel spaces for the dogs . Once they are out of an "at risk" situation, the dogs are wormed/vaccinated/neutered Read More 

Rare are is the dog owner who’s pet has never given them a canine kiss.Sloppy, wet dog kisses – it would seem – could go hand in paw with the dog ownership experience. But can dogs pass on germs when they lick your face? One of the more commonly asked questions we get is whether dogs can pass on germs to humans, particularly by licking…  Read More